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Train Your Mind at R2 Performance Centers

Ready and Resilient is the Army's strategy for strengthening individual and unit personal readiness while fostering a culture of trust. R2 Performance Experts teach resilience life skills, building mental toughness, strong relationships and character, and enabling critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication. R2 Performance Centers provide training and education resources to active-duty, reserve, and National Guard Soldiers, Family members and DA Civilians at 32 R2 Performance Centers across the Army enterprise.


Resilience is a process that requires adopting productive thoughts, actions and habits, all of which can be learned. Resilience extends beyond “bouncing back” from major life challenges; rather, it gives you the ability to cope with adversity, adapt to change and thrive under new conditions.


Mental readiness is an individual’s or team’s ability to think, feel, and act in a way that optimizes performance in demanding environments or when undertaking occupational or combat-specific tasks. Mental readiness, like physical readiness, can be improved through intentional training to achieve peak levels of performance.

Soldiers who strengthen and enhance their personal readiness experience heightened unit cohesion and achieve more positive outcomes. Mentally ready Soldiers can effectively manage stress and improve their mental toughness in the process.


MRT-PEs can help individuals and teams understand and enhance the mental aspect of performance, maximizing the benefits of training and providing skills and techniques to develop strong teams. MRT-PEs are contractors holding master’s or doctoral degrees with specialized expertise in sport and/or performance psychology. This educational background equips our trainers with the methods, knowledge and evidence-based practices necessary to make a measurable, positive impact on individuals’ and units’ performance.


R2 Performance Centers offer a range of pre-packaged courses, which include:

  • Master Resilience Trainer Courses.
  • Deployment Cycle Resilience Training workshop.
  • Executive Resilience and Performance Course.
  • ENGAGE: Bystander Intervention.
  • Squad Leader Development Course.
  • Ask, Care, Escort: Suicide Intervention.
  • Performance enhancement.
  • Team building.

MRT-PEs create a dynamic learning experience tailored to any “classroom” setting. MRT-PEs can customize training based on needs and availability, enabling individuals to achieve mental skill mastery. Whether delivering a singular training experience or conducting a series of workshops, MRT-PEs can facilitate training at qualification ranges, Field Training Exercises, Army training centers, physical training events and Family Readiness Group events; assist with Army Combat Fitness Test preparation; provide competition and promotion board guidance; and assist with mastery badges, lethality training, and more.

Contact your local Directorate of Prevention, Resilience and Readiness R2 Performance Center for more information.



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