Team-Building Event Helps Build Camaraderie Amid Isolation

The Fort Leonard Wood Ready and Resilient Performance Center assisted the 795th Military Police Battalion with a company-wide team-building event that was executed at the conclusion of their 14-day controlled monitoring phase due to the pandemic.

The event, coined “Hammer Drop”, was designed to showcase military platforms and equipment in hopes of sparking excitement while building camaraderie. The “Corporate” helium stick team-building activity was developed with three target areas in mind. The first target area was designed to teach teamwork along with resilience and performance enhancement skills. The second and third target areas involved observing trainees executing the exercise while the drill sergeants involved observed trainee communication, self-awareness, mindsets and character strengths. This event served to motivate Soldiers, thus giving them something to look forward to as they exited isolation and commenced their BCT training.

Soldiers Develop Mental Skills for Special Ops

The R2 Performance Center at Schofield Barracks in Oahu, Hawaii conducted performance training for 10 Soldiers preparing for Special Operations, Civil Affairs, and Psychological Operations Selection. SORB requested training to help Soldiers develop mental skills that will help them during preparation for selection at Fort Bragg for the different SORB specialty areas.

The Attention Control (Segmenting) skill was particularly emphasized because it is extremely effective for Soldiers to use during highly challenging physical activities of relatively long duration. Other R2 skills trained included deliberate breathing, proactive ATC, motivation, imagery, and mental cues.

Developing Mental Skills to Improve ACFT Results

1st Sgt. Stegman wanted to enhance his Soldiers’ Army Combat Fitness Test performance, so he worked with Ft. Drum’s R2 experts to set up a prep day with all 10 sections in the unit.

During the prep day, mental skills and techniques such as imagery (mind-body connection) and body awareness to help refine motor skills to lessen error range, were taught to help with the Deadlift and Standing Power Throw events of the AFCT. After skill application, a discussion took place about fighting against counterproductive attitudes how they can sabotage time and effort in the gym.

Team Building Through SOAR Training

Lieutenant Commander Matthew Scher, Battalion Commander of the 3-160th Special Operations Aviation Regimen, requested a team-building session with battalion officers combining the exploration of values while conducting challenging physical training.

Leaders were asked to identify six values, and while paired up with a partner, discuss their values while completing exercises at five various exercise stations. Once all stations in the circuit were completed, leaders were given strategies on how to maintain a strong team. Leaders walked away understanding the importance of developing stronger and more meaningful connections across companies to bring the battalion closer together as a high-performing team.

New Interactive Course Helps Leaders Enhance Counseling Skills

Leaders at Fort Sill were concerned about issues contributing to low morale and lapses in discipline in their units. Thus, they reached out to Master Resilience Trainers-Performance Experts to teach the Counseling Enhancement Course, an interactive training designed to enhance how leaders counsel and improve their overall relationships with their Soldiers.

The course includes learning fundamental counseling techniques, resilience skills, and practical activities that are based on the skills outlined in ATP 6-22.1. Participants are involved in scenario-based counseling sessions for each skill, encouraging practical application of concepts while receiving ongoing feedback, and improving their understanding of human behavior.

Ft. Benning Conducts Leader Development Course

Master Resilience Trainer-Performance Experts from the R2 Performance Center at Fort Benning, Ga. conducted a Leader Development Course that focused on performance enhancement skills

Soldiers could use to enhance the way they coach, teach, and mentor those they lead. The R2 skills trained included: mindset, philosophy of excellence, authentic performances, motivation, goal setting, effective praise, attention control, cue words/phrases, WIN, AIR, building confidence, reinterpreting pressure, purposeful thinking, selective perception, energy management, sleep, deliberate breathing, control the controllables, and Engage.

Army Europe Soldiers Learn Resilience Training Assistant Skills

VILSECK, Germany — Master Resilience Trainer-Performance Experts (MRT-PEs) Daren Koehler and Andrew Kantor, from the US Army Europe (USAREUR) Ready and Resilient (R2) Performance Center at Rose Barracks in Vilseck, Germany, conducted Master Resilience.

Trainer Resilience Training Assistant (RTA) Certification training with Soldiers of the 207th Military Intelligence Brigade using a virtual platform. Students learned the theory behind the MRT skills, conducted a practical hands-on exercise, and discussed what would be expected of students as RTAs and ways they can incorporate the MRT skills to enhance their readiness and resilience. The MRT-PEs have also been training Soldiers from various locations across Europe.

R2 Training Improves Communication, Leadership Skills

FORT HOOD, Texas — Embedded Performance Experts (PEs) joined Soldiers during a Brigade training exercise, Pegasus Forge V, to help sharpen communication between teams, develop leadership skills and maintain motivation while out in the field.

Battalion training activities included challenging missions such as Bradley dismounts, route clearance, maintenance and security. PEs observed and provided on-the-spot feedback, effective communication strategies and guidance on the negative effects of stress. Before going on the mission, Bradley crews practiced identifying potential threats and communicating those potential threats to leadership. Soldiers learned how deliberate breathing can help them regain composure and how to restore effective communication with the crew, as well as ways that PEs can help them with future training exercises. The R2 skills trained included: communication, energy management, and imagery.

Warrior Transition Unit Learns to Boost Positivity, Well-Being

FORT HOOD, Texas— Soldiers, cadre, and civilian workforce members from the Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) participated in a well-being initiative comprised of interactive workshops which began in November 2019. Performance Experts (PEs) from the R2 Performance Center taught attendees how to create and maintain healthy mental and physical habits, and effective life and coping skills.

The workshops help to support and accelerate the Soldiers’ recoveries and impact the effectiveness of their coping processes. Attendees reported feeling positive changes in their emotional states, saying they felt more determined, hopeful and optimistic following the training. The R2 skills trained included: motivation, goal setting (WOOP), fixed and growth mindsets, deliberate breathing, and cultivating gratitude (Hunt the Good Stuff).

Performance Enhancement Training Helps Tank Crews

FORT STEWART, Ga. — Master Resilience Trainer-Performance Experts (MRT-PEs) provided classroom performance training to 12 tank crews participating in the 2ABCT, 3rd ID gunnery training. The MRT-PEs supported crew simulated gunnery exercises, preliminary gunnery training and provided support during the live-fire M1A1SA Crew Qualification.

The gunnery included tank crews from 3-15 IN and 6-8 CAV. This brigade-level training allowed for a comparison between tank companies with and without Performance Experts (PEs). While causality cannot be determined, the company utilizing PEs averaged 63 points higher than those without support. In addition, the company receiving performance training had a significantly higher first-time qualification rate at 66% as compared to the company without performance training at 44%.

MRTs Utilize Bowling for a Unique Team Building Opportunity

FORT BELVOIR, Va. — The unit Master Resilience Trainers (MRTs) from 1st IO Command conducted monthly resilience training in a fun, creative way in conjunction with Master Resilience Trainer–Performance Experts (MRT-PEs) from the National Capital Region.

R2 Performance Center team. Fort Belvoir’s bowling center provided a unique opportunity to conduct a monthly training while instilling team building. The unit MRTs reviewed the resilience skills of Activating Event, Thoughts, Consequences (ATC), Real-Time Resilience (RTR), and Effective Praise and Energy Management. Soldiers were then divided into four teams where they competed against each other by lobbing counterproductive thoughts at other bowlers while themselves utilizing RTR to remain focused on their own bowling.

Team Building Exercises Help Soldiers Before the Holidays

CAMP HUMPHREYS, South Korea — R2 MRT-PEs at Camp Humphreys provided team building exercises to 70 Soldiers from 4th CBRN Company as a way to boost team dynamics prior to the holiday season; especially helpful for young Soldiers overseas for the first time.

Team tasks focused on trust, vulnerability, getting outside one’s comfort zone, belonging, coping with “uncontrollables,” and effective communication strategies. The company commander commented: "The exercises effectively addressed what first sergeant and I were looking to train: teamwork, espirit de corps, connectedness and leadership.”