Grief and Behavioral Health Services

What Behavioral Health Services are available for surviving Families?

Specialty Behavioral Health Services are available for eligible Tricare beneficiaries through direct care (within the military health system) and affiliated Tricare network services. These services include talk therapy and medical treatments in the outpatient, partial-hospitalization and inpatient settings. There are also resources for substance use disorders, including residential treatment. Virtual behavioral health appointments allow for outpatient therapy from the comfort of home. For more details on covered services, see Mental Health Care.

Additional resources for surviving Families for short-term support:

Military OneSource

Military OneSource provides 24/7 information, answers and support. As a DOD-funded program, it seeks to enhance the well-being of active-duty, National Guard and reserve (regardless of activation status) members and their immediate Families, Coast Guard members (when activated for the Navy), DOD expeditionary civilians and survivors. Visit MILITARY ONESOURCE or call 800-342-9647.

Military and Family Life Counseling Program

The Military and Family Life Counseling Program offers Service members, their Families and survivors face-to-face nonmedical counseling services worldwide to help them better manage military and family life. Counselors provide flexible, nonmedical counseling and presentations at locations on and off the installation. Child and youth behavioral counselors are available for military children. Issues that counselors tackle include deployment stress, reintegration, relocation adjustment, separation, anger management, caregiving, conflict resolution, parenting, parent/child communication, relationship issues, coping skills, homesickness, and grief and loss. Services are confidential; however, counselors are required to report certain situations, such as harm to self or others. Military Family Life Counselors


Virtual mental health services allow you to access care in the privacy of your home. All that’s needed is a computer with a webcam and internet access. Your provider will work with you through secure HIPAA-compliant software. Visit Telemynd Virtual Specialty Behavioral Health or call 888-991-2103.

Tricare – How to obtain nonnetwork providers

Health Net Federal Services - HNFS (Tricare West region) :

Access the HNFS Tricare West beneficiary page link at

Click Non-Network Provider Directory, under the heading Public Tools on the left-hand side.

Non-Network Search ( This page will open with a search option to allow for searches by requirements like location, specialty and provider name. Please note this disclaimer on the page: “Be sure to follow Tricare referral and authorization guidelines when seeking care. Using the Nonnetwork Provider Directory does not authorize you for services.”

Providers can visit this page to access the beneficiary Prior Authorization, Referral and Benefit tool: PARB (

Humana (Tricare East region):

Access the Humana Tricare West beneficiary page here: Find providers in the TRICARE East Region (

Scroll down to the bottom of the page where the following link is provided under the heading: “Check our nonnetwork provider directory to see if they aren’t currently a part of our network.” Authorizations and Referrals Information for Healthcare Providers - Humana

Before using the Search function, click on this heading: **CLICK HERE FOR DISCLAIMER** TRICARE East Non-Network Providers (

Providers can visit this page for information about submitting preauthorization:  Authorizations and Referrals Information for Healthcare Providers - Humana

*Audio-only telephone services are not covered under Tricare’s telemedicine benefit.