The Studies and Analysis Branch of DPRR is a dedicated team of senior program analysts entrusted to conduct and resource research, analysis and program evaluation in support of Family programs.

The Studies and Analysis branch develops comprehensive assessment and evaluation criteria to measure the effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of the programs within the Soldier and Family Readiness portfolio.

DPRR monitors problems, and develops recommendations and problem-solving techniques to improve program achievements and consistency with Army's strategic objectives.

Current Research Studies

  • Optimizing Army Exceptional Family Member System
  • Navigation Services for Enhanced Soldier and Family Readiness
  • SFRG Study-Readiness Group Support for Resilient Soldiers and Families
  • Family Readiness Indicators Modeling Project
  • Isolated Spouse Study-Improving Outreach and Partnerships to Better Address
  • Isolated Spouse Domestic Violence and Abuse
  • Army Spouse Panel
Completed Program Evaluations Completed Need Assessments